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Manifold Systems

MHS manifold hot runner systems offer endless possibilities for your plastic part design using our own complete catalog of standard Rheo-Pro® hot runner components. Since every project is unique, each system is customized to offer you the most cost-efficient, high performance solution.

ot runner manifold system for automotive parts featuring a full range of adjustable angles for each individual nozzle and new Rheo-Pro® Black Box™ cooling-free valve gate actuators

Ready Straight Out of the Box
All manifold systems are run through a series of tests to guarantee their optimum performance in the injection molding machine. Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems are available fully wired and plumbed for fast, seamless integration into the mold plates.

Pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and factory tested drop-in sequential valve gate hot runner manifold system for recycled PET application with glass fiber reinforcement and flame retardant additives

Quick-Start™ Hot Runner Systems

Meet the versatile and cost effective new line of hot runners for standard injection molding applications. Quick-Start™ manifold systems are pre-engineered and ready-to-ship with a focus on reliability, part quality, fast delivery, and great cost-performance.

Quick-Start™ hot runner systems are easy to integrate into your mold and deliver reliable performance at the right price

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Nozzle Series Overview
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  Uniform temperature ensures homogenous melt  
  Balanced melt flow for equal cavity fill  
  Smooth flow bores protect sensitive resins and additives  
  Melt channels are sized to achieve the project objectives and optimize the characteristics of the plastic material  
  Low melt pressure drop to avoid excessive shear heat  
  Optimized melt path design to deliver fast color change  
  Optimized melt bore diameter to decrease melt residence time and improve melt shear rate  
  Minimized steel cut out retains mold strength with an optimized design to provide strategic support connections to the machine platten  
  Ease of installation saves mold cost  
  Ease of maintenance cuts operating costs  

Move Melt Anywhere

The Rheo-Pro® Slide™ Manifold is a revolutionary new type of hot runner system with rotating melt transfer joints that allows linked manifold segments to move freely in order to distribute plastic anywhere inside the injection mold. The new technology now makes it possible to create injection points, or gates, directly inside the moving slides of a mold. It also allows molders to create continuous melt transfer connections that maintain contact, and therefore flow, even when the mold plates separate.

New Slide™ Manifold technology enables MHS to build hot runner systems with a melt path that can flex across moving mold components such as slides

Fast Color Change

As a molder, the ability to switch the color of your plastic part in as few shots as possible saves you valuable time and money. Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems are designed for quick color change through an optimized melt path, made possible by superior manufacturing techniques and flow analysis. Our manifold systems eliminate dead spots inside the melt channel so material can purge properly.


Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Systems Overview

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