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  Hot Runner Project

Project Information
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Material and Processing Information

  Processing Material   Total Shot Weight  
  Filler/Additive   Part Weight  
  Melt Flow Index   Est. Cycle Time  
  Flow Analysis   Injection Time  
  Freq. Color Change   Wall Thickness  

Mold Information

  System Type   Single Face Mold  
  Number of Cavities   Stack Mold  
  Number of Drops   Family Mold  
  Drops per Cavity   Overmolding  
  Controller required:     Gas Assist  
  Valve Gate Sequence   Tandem Mold  

Manifold Information

  Thermal Gating   Pre-Wired  
  Valve Gating   Pre-Plumbed  
  Side Gating   Reverse Gating  
  Gate Diameter   Anti-Rotation Pin  
  Nozzle Length (L)   Multi-tip Nozzle  



Hot Runner Dimensions


Nozzle Co-ordinates

Hot Half Plates A N1   X1   Y1
  B N2   X2   Y2
    N3   X3   Y3
Stainless Steel N4   X4   Y4
Insulating Plate N5   X5   Y5
    N6   X6   Y6
    N7   X7   Y7
    N8   X8   Y8
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