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iVG™ Single Bushing

Compact Internal Valve Gate Systems
The all new Rheo-Pro® iVG™ single bushing (iVGSN) for single cavity molds meets the industry's demand for a valve gate hot runner with a short stack height, that is in-line with the injection molding machine barrel. With a minimum distance from the top clamp plate to the gate of only 87.5 mm (iVGSN23) and 127.5 mm (iVGSN30), the steel thickness requirement for the mold is significantly reduced, saving steel cost, machining cost, mold weight, and stack height. The nozzle can be "dropped in" from the back of the mold, simplifying installation and allowing the mold to have a stationary side with a single plate. The Rheo-Pro® iVG™ is the first and only internal valve gate hot runner in the world.


Example of a single cavity container mold valve gated on the outside surface. The iVGSN is also ideal for applications that require gating onto the inside of the part through the mold core.

Ultimate Reliability and Simplicity
When designed with a manifold plate, the Rheo-Pro® iVG™ is the only seal-free valve gate nozzle that is completely front-serviceable from the mold parting line. Every component, including nozzles, valve actuators and valve pins, can be accessed quickly by simply stripping the cavity plate onto the core side while the entire mold remains inside the machine. Preventative maintenance is effectively reduced to minutes for increased mold up time.

Rheo-Pro® iVG™ nozzles come in a number of sizes for a wide range of applications and part weights

Air Supply

The pneumatic actuator is located directly inside the iVGSN nozzle body. Single bushing systems receive actuator air through fittings in the side of the nozzle base.


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Rheo-Pro® iVG™ Internal Valve Gates
Rheo-Pro® Dual Cylinder Single Bushings
Stack Molding



  Performs at temperatures of up to 400°C (750°F) without cooling, seals (o-rings), or lubricants  
  Extremely durable and low maintenance  
  Ultra compact design  
  Shortest stack height, platen to cavity
87.5 mm (iVGSN23), 127.5 mm (iVGSN30)
  Shot weights from 1g to 10,000g  
  No seals, no maintenance  
  Air actuation performs well in tough, high temperature molding environments  
  Nozzle length extendable to 1000 mm  
  Melt channel diameter up to 18.0 mm  

Bring on the Heat
The iVG™ performs well under the most demanding processing conditions, unlike electric valve gates and conventional pneumatic cylinders, that can fail in extremely hot operating environments of up to 400°C (750°F). The iVG™ does not require any cooling, seals, hoses, tubes, belts or motors, making it the most durable and maintenance friendly valve gate system ever built.

Rheo-Pro® iVG™ single bushing hot runner systems are extremely compact and virtually maintenance free. They are ideal for single cavity applications like deep core containers.

Valve Gate Melt Transfer
The patented design of the iVG™ single bushing hot runner is ideal for single nozzle melt transfer through the mold parting surface in stack mold applications. Used in a valve-to-valve arrangement, the iVG™ delivers a clean transfer with no drooling or stringing. Splitting the melt transfer at the parting line eliminates the sprue bar as an obstacle for free falling parts and adds additional safety for machine operators working inside the parting line. Eliminating the sprue bar frees up the mold parting area for robots, automation equipment and operators.

Mold Flow Analysis   Download
iVG™ Nozzle Sizes Overview - PDF


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