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Custom Engineered Hot Runners
MHS manufactures some of the world's most reliable, high performance hot runner systems. Our Rheo-Pro® hot runners are designed to deliver improved part quality, reduced mold maintenance and increased uptime for all injection molding applications. Systems are custom engineered for your specific application, and ship as turn-key hot halves, manifold systems, and single bushings.

Complete Application Support
Our knowledgeable team of hot runner experts, designers and technical support staff draws from our extensive engineering and manufacturing resources to deliver the best performing, most innovative molding solutions available in the industry.

For basic molding applications, explore our new
pre-engineered Quick-Start™ hot runner systems



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Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Systems Overview

Nozzle Size Valve Gate   iVG™ Internal Valve Gate   Thermal Gate   Side Gate   Single Bushing


CAD Files
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A Better Warranty
Every Rheo-Pro® hot runner system is covered by the best limited warranty in the industry

Hot Runner Heater

Precision Temperature
Our patented heat control technology ensures that even the most sensitive polymers and additives maintain their integrity

Melt Flow

More Processing Control
Accurate melt distribution from the barrel to the gate and throughout the cavity delivers consistent molding results and fast color change

Valve Gate Cylinder

Extreme Durability
Our systems are built to last longer because 24/7 production demands the most wear resistant, reliable hot runner components

Hot Runner Controller

User Friendly Design
Ease of installation, operation and maintenance guarantee better results and lower operating costs

16+16 drop stack mold hot half featuring back-to-back Rheo-Pro® iVG™ internal valve gate nozzles and Black Box™ valve gate actuator for center melt transfer



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Hot Runner Best Practices

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MHS Technology Overview
High Quality Components

MHS hot runner systems offer the most versatile selection of gating methods, tip styles and nozzle sizes in the industry for a complete range of injection molding applications. MHS designs, builds and tests all of the components in the Rheo-Pro® hot runner catalog. These are the building blocks of every custom and pre-engineered hot runner system we manufacture. All our products are engineered for 24/7 production and a long molding life.

Rheo-Pro Hot Runner Nozzles

The blue Rheo-Pro® hot runner nozzle represents superior craftsmanship and better customer care

Patented Heater Technology

Quick access to the heater reduces machine down time. If a good heater is a replaceable heater, then the best heater is one that can be replaced very quickly, ideally within minutes while the mold remains in the molding machine. The key to this is a mold cavity plate that is designed so it can be temporarily moved to the core side of the mold, allowing it to be stripped clear of the nozzles. These are then easily accessible. Nozzles with permanently integrated or fused heater elements are not repairable. Once the heater is dead, the entire nozzle has to be removed and replaced. That means the entire mold must be taken out of the machine so the hot runner manifold can be disassembled. The replacement cost for the nozzle or spare heater, the labor and the production down time involved is substantial. 

Replaceable nozzle heaters are as essential in an injection mold as replaceable spark plugs are in the engine block of your car. A particularly well engineered nozzle heater is one in which the heater housing or sleeve is self-clamping so that it tightens snug around the nozzle  body as the heater warms up to reach a uniform nozzle set temperature. The heat distribution and heat transfer is enhanced by a highly conductive sleeve assembly that encases the nozzle body from head to tip. Sensitive plastic materials and additives with a narrow temperature processing window can be molded.


Rheo-Pro® Nozzle Series Quick Facts
· Smallest nozzle cut out - 16 mm
· Closest hot tip gate distance - 17.8 mm
· Closest valve gate distance - 17.8 mm
· Largest nozzle melt bore - 30 mm
· Largest nozzles - 1000 mm


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Valve Gating
iVG™ Internal Valve Gates
Thermal Gating
Side Gating

The efficiency of a hot runner mold suffers when heaters fail and cause one or more cavities to loose productivity because of nozzle freeze off. There is no such thing as indestructible heater elements. In order to deal with this reality, replaceable nozzle heaters that can easily be serviced are a must. This may seem like a simple feature, but only advanced hot runner systems offer it.

It is impossible to see from the outside if a heater has been designed for longevity. The heart of all electrical resistance heaters is an internal nickel-chromium wire surrounded by compacted ceramic insulation material and shielded with a metal tube. Over time, the performance of the nickel-chromium wire will decline as it conducts electrical current and generates a certain wattage of heat energy for the nozzle. The inevitable aging process is more pronounced in thinner heater wires and higher watt densities because of the increased electrical resistance. (A general rule of thumb to determine whether a heater is close to the end of its lifetime is when its ohm reading deviates by more than 10 percent from the original value of the new heater.) The most durable heaters are made with a thicker nickel-chromium wire and a lower watt density. But even the most robust heaters can fail when the surrounding insulator allows a trip current or an electrical current leak due to moisture absorption or contamination. Good quality heaters are permanently sealed to avoid these problems.

The long term performance of a mold depends in large part on the quality of its heaters, which should be both reliable and easily replaceable.


  Hot Runner Heater
  Our patented, front replaceable Rheo-Pro® nozzle heaters are designed to reduce costly machine down time



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