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Flow Analysis

Go beyond validation to achieve true part optimization with fill, pack, cool and warp analyses. MHS helps you get perfect parts from the start by simulating the injection molding process in the design phase of your project. You can improve your mold's performance and avoid costly manufacturing problems up front. A complete flow analysis delivers accurate results by combining the best software with years of molding experience, processing expertise and our advanced Rheo-Pro® hot runner technology. Think of it as an insurance policy for your molding project.

Family molded
parts with cascade valve gating

Sequential Fill
Multi-Material and Multi-Component
Family Molds
Gas Assist

Cascade Fill
Compression Injection


Advantages of Flow Analysis

· Faster cycle times
· Reduce clamp tonnage
· Produce better quality parts
· Speed up project progress
· Reduce number of mold tests
· Deliver your parts on time

1. Design and Experiment

· Determine specific part requirements
· Avoid potential problem areas

2. Simulate and Optimize

· Test for multiple processing conditions
· Verify optimal parameters for gate layout
· Optimize part design

3. Build and Process

· Apply best design concepts
· Validate processing parameters
· Quick start up

Seamless Workflow
All analyses and simulations are done in house by the same team of engineers, designers and processing experts who take care of you throughout the life of your project. This insures you get fast, accurate results and that your design optimization is streamlined, responsive and saves you money.

Detailed Reports
In the part or mold design phase of your project, our application engineers will explore with you all aspects of your process. Based on your specific molding requirements, we then run a fill, pack, cool and/or warp analysis and deliver our feedback in a detailed report outlining improvements and optimization. Nothing is outsourced and we ensure that our turn-around is extremely fast so you can make your important decisions quickly and with confidence.

Explore New Possibilities
We're driven by innovation. That means we are constantly implementing the latest research and technology to help you improve your product and your bottom line. Whether it’s saving you material or cutting your cycle time, mold flow simulation is an essential tool for breaking new ground.


We analyze and optimize the rheology for:

• ideal shear rates
• low pressure drop
• short residence time
• quick color change
• reduced clamp tonnage
• reduce or eliminate weld lines
• controlled part warpage


Warp Analysis

Cooling Analysis


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