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Side Gating

Certain mold concepts or plastic part designs require a gate into the side wall of the cavity. Most side gating or edge gating mold designs allow the gate to shear off during de-molding or mold opening. A small cold slug of plastic remains inside the gate orifice and is injected with the following cycle, melting with the new flow front.

Multi-tip Side Gating
Rheo-Pro® SG side gate nozzles are specifically engineered for high cavity, high output molds that require gates into the side walls of the plastic part. The multi thermal gate nozzles are an ideal solution for long and tall tubular parts such as syringe barrels and medical applicators. The unique four tip side gate design completely eliminates the costly and wasteful cold runner material that is typically associated with the production of these parts. SG systems reduce the investment in both the mold as well as the hot runner controller and present an extremely robust solution for continuous, high volume production.

Multi Tip Side Gate Hot Runner

Each Rheo-Pro® SG hot runner nozzle produces 4 parts

Rheo-Pro® SG hot runners perform best in injection molding applications running PE, PP and other non-sensitive materials that offer a wide processing window in terms of melt residence time or dwell time. This is because the special star shaped tips, from which the nozzle derives its name, are embedded in a melt insulator bubble.

48 Cavity Side Gate Hot Runner System

48 cavity side gate hot runner system with an annual production output of 184 million direct gated syringe barrels, wall thickness 0.7 mm


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  Designed for high volume production  
  Ideal for fast cycling, thin walled parts  
  Eliminate cold runner side gates  
  Simplified mold integration  
  Maintenance free  

Rheo-Pro SG Side Gate Nozzle

Simplified Mold Integration
The main advantages of Rheo-Pro® SG hot runner systems are reliability, ease of integration and improved mold maintenance because gates and tips can be serviced directly from the mold parting line or cavity side. This is made possible by the robust and the relatively simple design of the nozzle and mold insert.

The cooled, 4-cavity SG mold insert offers quick access from the cavity plate and ease of installation

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