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What makes us different?

MHS delivers the most comprehensive application support and innovative hot runner solutions in the injection molding industry. We build and manage expert teams for every project that work closely with you to improve your production output and keep you in the lead.


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Better Support

It takes great people to drive even the most advanced technology and the most innovative solutions. We believe that good support means great expert relationships. That’s why we work hard to ensure that you always have direct access to our team of experts to help you get the most out of your mold.

Cost Performance

Only high performance systems will keep you in the lead in today's automated world. Our reputation is built on clearly defining goals, understanding the challenges, and finding better ways to help you outperform your previous molding results.

On-Time Delivery

Reliability starts with on time delivery. We get your project out the door and into production fast and efficiently.

Advanced Technology

Injection molding applications and market demands are always changing. Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems are designed for performance and durability so you can easily adapt to meet new challenges. 

Challenging Applications

We often do what others can’t. Our customers count on it. And while a lot of companies offer off-the-shelf solutions, only some have what it takes to deliver under difficult circumstances. Everything we do is backed by 30 years of hot runner experience.

Project Planning

Good service starts with good planning. Our technical experts map out every detail of your application. A complete understanding and analysis of your project will ensure that we produce the perfect hot runner for you.  

Streamlined Workflow

A streamlined project workflow depends not only on planning but on excellent communication and timely execution. We keep you in direct touch with the people and resources you need in order to make your project a success.

Experience and Innovation

Our company is built on experience and driven by innovation. Fresh thinking, rigorous testing, and quick implementation help you keep that extra step ahead of the competition. We help bring your great ideas to life.

Global Network

MHS is active around the globe as a technology leader and an innovation partner. Operating in over 30 countries, Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems produce some of the world's most advanced plastic parts and have a long track record of reliability and performance.

Responsible Business

A responsible business looks at the big picture and examines every process to achieve sustainable growth. We believe in doing our part to implement greener, socially responsible business practices.


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MHS is a global supplier of hot runner systems, injection molding machines, controllers, and engineering support for manufacturers of plastic parts.